Faces Painted in Color

Peace in Mind

Peace in Mind emanates from a portrait of an elderly man. 

A portrait serves as a gateway into the depths of an individual's being. It goes beyond mere depiction of a face and capturing a likeness. It is not simply about portraying a person as alive. Rather, a portrait is a profound undertaking. It is futile to embark on painting a portrait without the intention of delving into the essence of the subject. It is within the person that their true essence resides. The face, with all its expressions, merely serves as a reflection of this inner world.


Faces in Color

Color is a powerful and enchanting tool in the world of art. It brings diversity and creates the illusion of depth on a two-dimensional canvas. My preferred medium, oil paint, allows me to build up layers and textures in my paintings, adding richness and complexity to the final piece. This technique not only captures the essence of time passing but also mirrors the way time shapes our physical appearance. As we age, our faces become more intriguing and tell a story of our experiences. This is why I am drawn to painting faces. Through my series “Faces in Color,” I aim to explore the beauty and complexity of aging and the stories that our faces hold.


Oil paintings on canvas, year of creation 2013