Newspaper Portraits

In collages from the Newspaper portraits series which dominated by the form referring to the shape of the head. In the previous part of the project, the paintings were filled with collections of small elements. In this series, I want, by using the large form, to show the individuality and distinctiveness of the portrayed person.

One half of the face is black, where an image of an averted eye looks through the empty eye socket, the other is blind, filled with fragments of photos and text. Under the split face are crossed arms. The portrait is composed of separate parts as if arranged specially for this composition. They can be arranged differently throughout the series. The unstable man in this image is full of information, snapshots of seen and heard events and issues in the news, he looks backward with a suspicious eye.


Using a collage inspired me to include the written word in my cycle. Thinking “about people”, I automatically think about interpersonal communication. After all, the communication between humans, developed in its various forms, is what distinguishes us from other creatures. Besides, we are used to living with printed matter every day of our lives — from the cereal packaging in the morning to the book at bedtime. Without mutual relations expressed in words, we cannot function well.

Currently, thanks to the development of digital technology, communication is extremely facilitated. We send each other words and images, including videos, over any distance. We use devices that allow us to “stay in touch” all the time. Of course, the efficiency of our brain and our attention is limited. Much of the important information does not reach us, some we reject, others we disregard. I do not want to be categorical on this topic and this is not my intention. At every stage of development, humanity gained something and lost something. The intensity of this state of affairs, has, however, prompted me to create images in which I want to present the condition of modern man.


Four headlines

The work consists of four equal square parts filled with text. These are randomly selected headlines of current newspaper articles. The tightly arranged squares of large, massive letters form a mosaic that fills the composition format. I want to show plenty of content in the form of news. The header words communicate a variety of information as, when we open a newspaper we see information, from all over the world, at once. Each of them is fighting for our attention. The words are covered with different colors, they are not legible. If the recipient read them, they would probably think that they are descriptions of out-of-date events. For this purpose, current headlines are chosen at random times during the progression of the piece of art.  Nevertheless, even the most up-to-date news creates an unreadable information plane. Filled with font characters, it is likened to an illustration of our inter-relationships. Colorful, as the messages are diverse, composed of basic letter units, each, in itself a graphic form, a sign with unchanging meaning. Their juxtaposition does not fulfill the role they are intended for – which is illustrating legible, clear, and important content. They create chaos, although they tempt the viewer to look with their colors. I used movable matrices – hand-made fonts. My thoughts traveled back in time. I arranged my movable fonts bearing in mind the great importance of the movable type invented and used by Johannes Gutenberg for the first time in the mid-15th century.  Which hastened the development of culture and communication in the written form. It is called the most revolutionary advance in technology since the invention of the wheel.

My fonts in the headline images, although recognisable in themselves, create unreadable content among which you can get lost, just as we get lost in the dense web of information that we are pervaded with.