Meadow and Forest



A meadow is an enchanted place. We associate it with hot summers. With this time of year when everything is in abundance – warmth, time to relax, and nature in full bloom. The green thicket of the meadow is full of life. Countless plants strut and fight for space for themselves. They all want to grow tall, bloom and then produce fruit or seeds. In this tussle they tangle with each other, disturbing each other. Some have to give up and wither so that the stronger ones can develop. Such is the law of nature. There are other inhabitants of the meadow – animals, birds, and insects. They have made themselves at home in the meadow, it is their summer home. And we humans like it when we can see the meadow from the windows of our summer homes. If we take the time to observe, we can spot a hare hiding in the grass, a bird that has just flown off and disappeared from sight, or a nest hidden between the grass. Magical are those moments when we see what was supposed to be hidden, invisible to us. We catch a glimpse of fleeting scenes. These snapshots remain in our memory. Nothing can replace these experiences. Let us care for the meadows, let us nurture them! These green plants that we can’t even name are beautiful in themselves. In the series of paintings In the Meadow, I want to convey my admiration for the greenery that we often trample over like blind men.


Painting presented in this gallery are oil paintings on canvas.