Man in Space

“Man in space” – the artistic portrait of human’s figure in different planes, which describes the loneliness and the processes of searching the dialog with the others. These paintings are the half abstract spectacle of the human’s figure – men and women in different static poses, frozen in stillness. Sometimes they are two of them in the homogenous canvas’ space, sometimes there are more, one on top of the other. Their proportions and size give the meaning of being in the same location, and in this way the space of the paintings is unreal, and the lonely figures, isolated from each other and from the surrounding by thick outline, are like small toy ships drifting in different directions on the one plan space. In some of the paintings the arbitral geometric divisions are created, which additionally contrasted by color, emphasis the strangeness of the painted figures. They are seemingly in one space, but divided by invisible borders, maybe by the cages’ walls of own ego. The participation in the union is here the paradoxical catatonic existence in ice frozen incapacity of dialog, in helpless and silent howling loneliness.