Intimacy Drawings

The state of intimacy is ambiguous. It can be experienced in many ways, but it is dominated above all feelings by a sense of security and peace. I think this is the condition for feeling intimate. And joy? Can it take hold in intimacy? I think yes, the kind of quiet joy that accompanies us when we are well, just like that. There are moments – we feel good without knowing exactly why. These are moments of happiness? Or fullness of life? Or dare we say – love. Then drawings turn into a lover intimate sketches. My drawing made of dots and dashes is also a drawing of joy. 

This intimacy illustration in two colors – black and white offers the opportunity to create a pure visual message. Drawing intimacy is a special task. On the one hand, the mood of privacy must be preserved and therefore not shown, rather hidden, and on the other hand, depicted and therefore shown. Intimacy is one of the many puzzles of life.