Constellations energy

Constellations energy

Constellations energy – arises in places places where people stay together. We want to be together, we need each other. We gather in crowds. Beautiful, unique, curious, interesting, ugly, ordinary, not special … that’s what we are, people. This list of adjectives is endless. I want to show this in my paintings. I gather people inside the circles. 


Circle – a figure without beginning or end

I aim to convey these concepts through my artwork, where I often depict people gathered within circles. The circle, a unique geometric shape, symbolises infinity with no clear beginning or end. This quality resonates with various aspects of human existence. We are born, we pass away, and in between, generations come and go, each experiencing a distinct reality and undergoing personal transformations. Despite these changes, certain fundamental needs remain constant, such as the desire for connection and community. Loneliness is the antithesis of this need, as no one truly wishes to be isolated. We crave a sense of belonging and yearn to be part of a larger whole.

These groups of individuals form constellations, akin to celestial bodies moving along their designated paths based on the collective needs of their members. They create circular trajectories around a central point. In the grand scheme of things, what serves as the focal point in this system? In the context of our Earth's planetary system, the Sun takes on this role as a vital source of energy and warmth. Similarly, within the human planetary system, the center is occupied by the planet of love, closeness, mutual understanding, and empathy. Where does this center lie? My depictions of constellations perpetually revolve in pursuit of this elusive core.


Oil paintings on canvas.