Scandinavian Design in Nature

Scandinavian design is not a creation of humans; it is rooted in nature. This is solely my personal perspective, but I will attempt to provide a rationale for it. When in Scandinavia, one cannot escape the presence of rocks. They are omnipresent, varying in number and size across different regions. However, regardless of the location, the earth in Scandinavia serves as a constant reminder of its composition – rocks and minerals. 

Initially, the landscape’s forms appeared pristine and unadulterated. The rocks had not yet succumbed to erosion, nor were they concealed beneath layers of soil. Forests had not yet taken root upon them. Despite the flourishing life within Scandinavian nature, the landscape has preserved its original noble simplicity. The harsh northern climate demands reverence and adherence to the laws of nature. I believe this is the wellspring of Scandinavian design. I find myself in awe of the rock formations and the processions of stones along the lake shores. There is a sense of monumentality in their simplicity, regardless of their size. Although they may be rigid and cold, they symbolise the promise of life. This is a true Scandinavian Design.