Red color – Let Yourself be Embraced by

Red Color, Pink, Yellow, Blue – let them embrace you


Lost in Colour can be translated as immersed in a colored space. In fact, we always find ourselves in a space. But is it coloured? We say – today is a grey day. Or – grey days pass one by one. Or – grey everyday life. Generally, we know and accept that most days we experience are grey, without colour. Painting is a magical art. It introduces colour wherever it appears. The artist is a magician. He has painted at his disposal and creates colourful images. A painting is just a rectangle. As many colours as its dimensions allow can fit on it. Not much in a small painting, more in a larger one. But the magic of art is that it escapes the laws of physics and geometry. Art appeals to feelings and imagination – and these have no limits. In the paintings of the Lost in Colour series, I invite you to immerse yourself in colour – a dense matter that gives us an escape from greyness. Depending on the color, it triggers feelings of love – red, warmth – yellow, pink – …, blue – …you name it.