Concertina – the name of this gallery sounds attractive. You might think that this is the name of a piece of music, a dance, or some other pleasant phenomenon. Unfortunately, this is the name of razor wire that is used to build dams, to strengthen borders so that they are impassable. That they hurt and scare you away. The wire has a characteristic structure. In collision with the human figure, with the human body, it creates situations that make me will present them in my paintings. Life imposes topics…

Is it worthwhile to address challenging subjects in art? This question elicits two possible responses: yes and no. Personally, I do not entertain various options. I create paintings driven by a profound desire to convey my emotions. In the case of this particular series, Concertina, my intention is to vocally protest against the presence of concertina wire, an artificial and foreign element that disrupts the natural beauty of the landscape bestowed upon us by nature. Nature has generously offered us her wealth and splendor, inviting us to find solace within her embrace and prepare ourselves for a fulfilling existence. However, mankind has marred this space by erecting fences and concertina wire barriers.


Oil paintings on canvas.