Kaleido scope within Crowds

Kaleido scope within Crowds

The cycle of the work I presented came from the inspiration of the current situation.

Quoting Zygmunt Bauman, Polish sociologist: We could describe what is going on at the moment as a crisis of democracy, the collapse of trust…

I read the information about rallies, demonstrations, and riots that take place globally. In my country, I have participated in protests several times; I was part of the crowd, gave myself up to its movement, swam with its emotions. I experienced the closeness of the community which inspired me to make artworks in which I want to broaden my story.

In the cycle of works titled: Kaleido scope within Crowds, I want to express my emotions related to people, their lives, and the diversity of communities they create. The shape of these communities speaks on their behalf. I want to show people:

Collected in crowds that are located in unspecified spaces, creating a kind of kaleido scope compositions,

Single people in limited spaces, people in pairs are in relationships. In this series I have distinguished four sub-series:

Random crowd, People in the grid, People in a circle, Multiplications


Kaleido scope within square 

Works are in a square format – 50 x 50 cm. I want to build a large surface which through various formal and color elements will illustrate the richness of the human community. Works are done in collage technique, monotype, on a paper board assembled of pieces of graphic paper Fabriano. This basic convex structure affects the reflection of the monotype.

I am inspired by current events. Their intensity is strongly supported by tools of modern digital technology – the internet, social media, and smartphones. Thanks to them, a pervasive information stream flows through our minds. And yet, I make my artworks in an  “analog” way: I cut out from printed newspapers and magazines – a product which is unknown for many young people. I have, a preference for old magazines, I like the old, deficient printing technique, black and white photos. This deficiency seems to reflect the background reality of the happy stories of smiling people. I compose faces of young people who are not young anymore. Maybe some of them have died? In my work, I feel the movement in time.

Women in collage