Abstraction around figures

Abstraction can refer to something that is difficult to comprehend or understand. Human life revolves around various subjects and phenomena we strive to comprehend, explain, and justify. Despite numerous accomplishments in science, there are still many aspects of life that remain abstract to us. In fact, we are constantly immersed in abstraction, and this state possesses its own beauty. Life is inherently unpredictable, as we trace lines that form abstract patterns without knowing where they will lead or if they have an end.

Introducing the artworks from the series, “Entangled in Abstraction.” This collection showcases twelve exquisite paintings, all presented in a striking square format. The square, a regular rectangle, carries a profound association with the concept of a grid, which in turn symbolises confinement and limitations. Moreover, this particular format compelled me to compress the human silhouette. Within my paintings, the figure is unable to fully stand upright, as they find themselves entangled within their own being and the abstract nature of the world that surrounds them.


Oil paintings, 65 x 65 cm, year of creation 2023