When the image is ready?

What does it mean that the image is “ready”? When is the image ready? I cannot answer this question clearly, although I have already painted many pictures. It seems to me that when during the creation process the artist performs unforeseen activities, he entered the studio with a specific intention, and yet did something different. Or did not know what to do at all, and yet he did – then the picture begins to be independent of the artist, breaks away from him, talks to him. Then as part of this discussion comes to an end, the picture completes in its logic, and the artist recognizes that the picture is finished.
In such moments I take a picture – proof of my final work.
But then, after a while, I see the picture again. His logic seems outdated to me, I see that the image previously considered “ready” requires further action. Not only that, I blaim myself haven’t seen what I see now. So I keep working. I change the picture, even though it was already on display or it is already reproduced in the catalog. It’s hard, why should I keep images I’m not happy with. Fortunately, the need to create new ones is so strong that I don’t return to the previous ones very often.
Which image is more ready?