Paintings of Paintings 2024

Paintings of Paintings 

In 2024, I am continuing to create new images, much like I did in 2023. My creativity flows as I paint, and each piece becomes a living companion to me. Each painting is unique, holding memories of the moments when it was brought to life through a conversation between me and the canvas. This process is time-bound, with a clear beginning and end when I decide the work is complete and the composition is harmonious.

As I gaze upon my finished paintings, they speak to me in their own language, bringing a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment. However, this feeling is only temporary, as more paintings await creation. If this cycle were to continue uninterrupted, my collection of art would grow, and my artistic satisfaction would deepen.


Paintings of Paintings – old-new images

Yet, reality sets in as my paintings sometimes remind me of their unfinished state, urging me to revisit them and add new layers of depth and meaning. This leads to the creation of paintings of paintings, breathing new life into my older works. As time passes, my perspective on the world and my art evolves, reflecting the constant change and growth within me.