Looking through the square, oil painting by Jolanta Johnsson

Entangled in abstraction

Entangled in abstraction – the state of modern man Abstraction can refer to something that is difficult to comprehend or understand. Human life revolves around various subjects and phenomena that we strive to comprehend, explain, and justify. Despite numerous accomplishments, there are still many aspects of life that remain abstract to us. In fact, we […]

Bird in the meadow, painting by Jolanta Johnsson


A meadow is an enchanted place. We associate it with hot summers. With this time of year when everything is in abundance – warmth, time to relax, and nature in full bloom. The green thicket of the meadow is full of life. Countless plants strut and fight for space for themselves. They all want to […]


Lost in colour

Lost in Colour can be translated as immersed in a colored space. In fact, we always find ourselves in a space. But is it colored? We say – today is a grey day. Or – grey days pass one by one. Or – grey everyday life. Generally, we know and accept that most days we […]


Within certain frames

We live, we act within certain frameworks. They constrain us, but they can also create an ornamental barrier around us against something that threatens our values. The shape and beauty of the frame is up to us.


To be a woman

To be a woman – that is the task. To fulfill many roles and represent half of humanity. The woman has been present in art since its very beginnings. The figure of a woman has expressed many emotions, fantasies, or obsessions of artists through the centuries. In my works, I want to tell what it […]



Concertina, razor wire which protects borders and divides people. Jolanta Johnssons oil paintings.

Jolanta Johnsson Crowded circle


Constellations – these are places where people stay together. We want to be together, we need each other. We gather in crowds. Beautiful, unique, curious, interesting, ugly, ordinary, not special… that’s what we are, people. This list of adjectives is endless. I want to show it.


Flowers in Black

Black is not associated with flowers. I only know one type of flower called black – black tulips. There may be more so-called black flowers. However, flowers – means primarily colors – a fantastic offer from nature. Flowers are also beautiful forms. I show them against a deep black background. I bring them out from […]

Jolanta Johnsson Human 2021 - 8

Graphics 2021


Newspaper portraits

I present works made in a mixed technique – collage, monotype, acrylic on glued cardboard. All pieces are square – 50 x 50 cm. I want to build a giant wall filled with portraits of people involved in what they have created – information. The pieces of newspapers that appear in the portraits symbolize information […]