About me

Jolanta Johnsson


1984–1989 the Academy of Fine Arts – Warsaw Poland, graphic faculty – graphic atelier of Halina Chrostowska and Rafał Strent, painting classes with Jerzy Tchórzewski

2012 – PhD in Art of the Academy of Fine Arts, Krakow, Poland

Teacher at European Academy of Fine Arts – the printmaking and the graphic design courses

Solo exibitions

  • 2018 Aneks Gallery, Puławy
    DAP 2 Gallery, The Artist’s House, Warsaw
    Konsthal Kisa, Kisa, Sweden
    Gallery DAP 2, The Artist’s House, Warsaw
    Karwacjan & Gładysz Castle – Museum, Gorlice, Poland
  • 2017 Center for Culture Promotion  South Praga District, Warsaw
  • 2016 COEK Studio, Ciechanów
  • 2014/2015 European Art Faculty Gallery, Vistula University, Warszawa 
  • 2014 Skådebanan, Linköping Gallery, Sweden
    Gallery U, The Inauguration of the Year of Culture in Ursynów, Warsaw

    2013 Gallery Kisa, Kisa, Sweden
    Gallery Boxholm Library, Boxholm, Sweden
    Gallery DAP 2, Lufcik, ZPAP Warszawa, Poland
    Gallery on 1st Floor, ZPAP Łódź, Poland

  • 2010 Van Golik Gallery, Warsaw, Poland

  • 2007 Art Depot Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
    The Palace of Art, Kraków, Poland

  • 2006 Forma Gallery, Warszawa, Poland

  • 2003 Test Gallery, Warszawa, Poland
    Art Three Times Gallery Warszawa, Poland

  • 2001 The Artist’s House, Ursynów, Warszawa, Poland

  • 1998 Test Gallery, Warszawa, Poland
    City Gallery – Arsenał, Poznań, Poland

  • 1995 Test Gallery, Warszawa, Poland

  • 1994 Girardet Gallery, Essen, Germany

  • 1993 Pestka Gallery, The Etnographic Museum, Warszawa, Poland

  • 1991 Saabs Konstförening, Linköping, Sweden

  • 1989 Gallery MB, Stockholm, Sweden

  • 1988 Kulturhuset, Nässjö, Sweden

Group exhibitions

  • 2019 Grafiteka 2019, exhibition of Warsaw’s graphic section of Union of Polish Artist, The Artist’s House, Warsaw
  • 2018 To paint, above all, an exhibition celebrating the 45th anniversary of the Jan Cybis award, Lufcik Gallery, The Artist’s House, Warsaw
    Grafiteka 2018, exhibition of graphic Warsaw section of Union of Polish Artist, The Artist’s House, Warsaw
    The Charity Auction Aperio, Arsenał – Municipal Gallery, Poznań
  • 2017 Grafiteka 2017, exhibition of Warsaw’s graphic section of Union of Polish Artist, The Artist’s House, Warsaw
    Visions, exhibition of Warsaw’s painiting section of Union of Polish Artist, The Artist’s House, Warsaw
  • 2016 Nominees exhibition of XIII Graphic Competition  in name of Józef Gielniak, Karkonosze Museum, Jelenia Góra
    35×35 Art project, Muzeum Copelouzos Family Muzeum, Athens
    Three Dimensions, Paintings on canvas, The Artist’s House, Warsaw
  • 2015 Muza – 2015 – Magdalena Abakonowicz, promotion Gallery, Center for Propmtion of  Culture,  South Praga District, Warsaw
    The Charity Auction Aperio, The Palace, Poznań
    The Charity Auction For Autistic ChildrenPragaleria, Warsaw
  • 2014 The News, ZPAP, Warszawa
    The Charity Auction Aperio, The Palace, Poznań
    The Charity Auction For Olaf, The Contemporary Art Museum, Warsaw
    The Charity Auction for Max, Warsaw
    Abstraction, ZPAP, Warsaw

  • 2013 Abstraction, ZPAP, Warszawa
    The News, ZPAP, Warszawa
    Vienna Showcase, Museum of Modern Art, Schonbrun Palace, Vienna
    The Grand Charity Auction for Police Emergency Youth, Center Polish Olympic Committee, Warsaw

  • 2012 New Opening, 100th anniversary of Union of Polish Artist, The Artist’s House, Warsaw
    Feast of Masters, Palace of Art, Kraków

  • 2011 Abstract in Nature, Lufcik Galery, Warsaw, Poland
    The News, Artist’s House, Warsaw, Poland

  • 2008 The International Art’s Market, Mitteleuropa Galery, Stockholm, Sweden
  • 2006 Polish Artists for Kids, the charity exibition, Świdnica – New York

  • 2004 Via Varsovia, Puławy Galery, Puławy, Poland
    Via Varsovia, Galery “Three Times art”, Warsaw, Poland
    Milanówek Art Festival, The City Hall, Milanówek, Poland

  • 2003 Leaving the hiding, Ursynów, Warsaw, Poland

  • 2000 The sculpture as a personal object, Lufcik Galery, ZPAP Warsaw, Poland
    The drawing 2000 – Mazowsze Reflections, Lufcik Galery ZPAP Warsaw, Poland
    The Fate of the Art, the exibition of the artists from Warsaw ZPAP circle
    Flower Power, Art Office Galery, Warsaw, Poland

  • 1999 My land, ZPAP, Warsaw, Poland

  • 1998 The women artist and her worldview – the traces of Polish and American culture – the travelling exhibition of Polish and American women artists
  • 1997 The human in painting – the graphics, the graphics’ exibition in Xylon-Museum Schwezingen, City Museum, Reutlingen, Germany

  • 1996 April – Warsaw’s month of painting, ZPAP, Warsaw, Poland

  • 1995 April – Warsaw’s month of painting, ZPAP, Warsaw, Poland

  • 1994 The World Triennale of Polish Graphic, Katowice, Poland

  • 1992 First World Graphic Biennale, Maastricht, Holland

  • 1991 Triennale of Polish Graphic, Kraków, Poland

  • 1985 Drawings Review from All the Polish Art Academie, Teacher’s Prize, Katowice, Poland

  • 1985 National Student’s Print Review, Kraków, Poland