Since the beginning of my artistic journey, two trends have existed in my work: figuration and landscape.

In the landscape, the richness of nature, its beauty have always been inspiring to me. Nature is the stage on which human life takes place. We see the landscape every day when we open our eyes from sleep. I paint the landscape from the point of view of a human. Nature exists objectively but, as a creator, I have full freedom for subjective interpretation. I let my feelings lead me in my artistic search. In the landscape I'm looking for order, logic. Its smallest elements, in our human scale, appear to me as monumental solid objects and yet, in fact, they pass away with the seasons.

My abstract compositions are an expression of my powerlessness before the immensity, diversity and richness of nature. In the structure of simple forms of the world, I search for a way to express my awe of the landscape.

The figurative paintings show a human in abstract spaces. I am looking for an artistic means to portray the depth of the spaces. I would like to tell about a human who is on a journey. And the journey is life. We live and wander through a landscape. We're endowed by a landscape.